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How to Find Wealthier Financial Advisory Clients
Most advisors can give them ideas about how to preserve their assets and how to structure their portfolio,
but according to Militello, an advisor who can provide ideas on wealth creation makes himself invaluable.
“Most advisors are only satisfying two of these objectives – wealth preservation
and liquidity – because they generally constrain the asset allocation debate to only stocks and bonds.”
If you can provide nuanced strategies on wealth creation, current
and prospective clients will see how valuable you are or could be to their portfolio.
“A properly aligned investment philosophy involves a three-dimensional portfolio
that seeks to achieve three objectives: wealth preservation, liquidity and wealth creation,” said Bill Militello, CEO of Militello Capital.
If you are looking to attract wealthy clients and retain any you may already have, focus on coming up with wealth creation strategies.
Will Lipovsky, of First Quarter Finance, believes that advisors who want wealthy clients need to be where those clients already are.
“Wealthy clients seek planners who charge a fee based on assets under management, not based on commissions,” she said.